Church Council and Ministry Teams

We work together to further the ministries of St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Red Wing, MN.


Council President
Ellie Tiedemann

President Elect
Dan Flemke

Vice President
Matt Boyle

Delores Morud

Laurie Hinrichs


LEADERSHIP Ministry Team ~
President, Ellie Tiedemann; President Elect, Dan Flemke; Vice President, Matt Boyle ; Secretary, Delores Morud; Treasurer, Laurie Hinrichs

INVITE Ministry Team ~
Lisa Sievers (Council Rep), Steve Albarado, Jennifer Albarado,  Lynn Boser, Diane Anderson, Julie Maxwell 
In our desire to share the Gospel with all in our community and in the world, we are committed to stimulating evangelistic efforts in all dimensions of the life of the church and equip all of our members in their work of spreading God's love. Evangelism, outreach and hospitality are some of our primary concerns.

STUDY Ministry Team ~
Suzie Jagusch (Council Rep), Amy Gadient, Jeff & Shari Barber Renee Mallon, Emily Thoms 
Plan and administer a comprehensive program of Christian education for the entire congregation in order to promote growth in understanding of what scripture teaches concerning living out our faith.

YOUTH Ministry Team ~
Responsible for appropriate nurture and support for St. Paul's youth and their families. This includes an overall attempt to help youth grow in providing, sharing and receiving ministry, inside and outside of the congregation.

WORSHIP Ministry Team ~
LouAnne Gaalaas(Council Rep), Lois Hesford, Bonnie Koester, Lynne Petersen
Ensure opportunities for rich and meaningful worship experiences. Special music, varied liturgies, current technologies, occasional services and decorations in seasonal settings are some of our worship considerations.

GIVE Ministry Team ~
John Hesford (Council Rep), Robert Haseley, David Richmond, Amy White
We were created in the image of a good and generous God. We will, therefore, strive to develop the practice of Christian stewardship among the members of St. Paul's by nurturing the desire to respond to Christ's call to give of our time, talents and treasure for the sake of the Kingdom of God.

ENCOURAGE Ministry Team ~
Judy Levers(Council Rep),  Lori Hamann, Bonnie Taube, Tonia Cohenour
God so loved the world, and so should we. We will spread the Gospel by personal contacts and through existing ministries, increasing our commitment to social action, social education and social services. This is the connecting arm to the church at large (ELCA) and other benevolence programs supported by St. Paul's.

SERVE Ministry Team ~
Al Pinkert (Council Rep), Todd Kuyath, Braham Gadient, Gary Hughes, Mark Littfin, Dick Oelkers, Paul Schade.  Auxiliary members:  Jason Luhman, Brent Maxwell, Scott Will
The beautiful building and grounds of St. Paul's exist only to provide a place for members and guests to grow in their faith and discipleship. We will oversee our property resources by providing adequate and proper safeguards of physical assets, monitor building operations and support the maintenance of our building, grounds and facilities.